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Excerpts of the following laws appear in the publication "Legislating for Equality, A Multinational Collection of Non-Discrimination Norms. Vol. I: Europe":

Human Rights Related Legislation

Law Concerning the Punishment of Genocide of 1955.

Act on Public Administration of 1985.

Act Amending the Aliens Act and Integration Act of 2004.

The Radio and Television Broadcasting Act of 2010.

Penal Code Provisions

Criminal Code of 1995, as Amended up to 2008.

Non- Discrimination

Racial Discrimination Act of 1971, as Amended up to 2000.

Act on Ethnic Equal Treatment of 2003, as Amended up to 2008.

Anti-Discrimination in the Employment Market Act of 2008.

Equality Bodies/ Ombudsman

Act Establishing the Racial Equality Board of 1993, as Amended up to 2008.

The Ombudsman Act of 1996.

Act Governing the Establishment of the Danish Centre for International Studies and Human Rights of 2002.