Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry

Kantor Center Celebrated Rosh Hashana at Fanny's

Wednesday, 13 November, 2013

When Prof. Dina Porat suggested we should take our Rosh Hashana festivities to Fanny, who was unable to join us for the occasion at the Kantor Center, we were only too eager and thankful for this initiative, as we could not imagine our traditional little party without her. We did not regret the shlepp to Bet Hanan, Fanny's home, where we  passed a wonderful morning.

Fanny Englard,  of the Organisation of former Nazi Prisoners Tel Aviv (Perpetuation of the Memory of the Holocaust), has been part of  and has actively supported our work from the very beginning. It all started in 1992 when Fanny,  after hearing about the establishment of a research project for the study of antisemitism under the guidance and leadership of Dina, decided to  entrust the project  with her precious collection of material on antisemitism. Since then she has been an inspiration to us and to all those  who have the chance to meet her, to learn from her and to assist her in her fight against anti-Semitism, for fostering the memory of the Holocaust  and for the existence of the Jewish state. The many interns of the Kantor Center  from all over the world, especially from Germany  are encouraged after meeting with this very special and engaged survivor of the Holocaust, meetings which have a very profound impact on their lives and their future engagement against hatred, discrimination and antisemitism. Fanny  holds an intensive correspondence with heads of states abroad, especially in Germany, and is frequently asked to be interviewed on  TV and Radio.

Here we see a few pictures taken during the celebration: