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A lecture on Sephardic Jewish Immigrants in Vienna today

Thursday, 24 January, 2013

On January 24th. 2013, we heard a lecture by Dr. Vladimir (Zeev) Khanin on the growing phenomenon of Sephardic Jewish immigration to Vienna that developped in the last generation, and is almost unknown to social researchers.

The members of this group stem mostly from the former Soviet Union, specifically from its Caucasic Republics, although part of them resided in the past in the State of Israel.

The presence of this community adds a puzzling pluralistic dimension to the panorama of Jewish life in Austria.

Compiled data presented here were the result of a primary research carried out by Dr. Khanin.

He is currently Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption of Israel.

Thank you for sharing part of your research with us, Dr. Vladimir Khanin!


The Sephardic Temple and Community Center in Vienna today