Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry

A new issue of our Kantor Center and Database Bulletin is published

Thursday, 30 October, 2014

We are happy to announce that a new edition of our Kantor Center and Database Bulletin was published on 30 October 2014.

This bulletin covers the period from July to October 2014, which represents twice as long a timespan as a regular edition. Therefore, its information is wider than usual.

As normal, it includes a full review of the activities of the Kantor Center in the fields of sociology, legislation and antisemitism. It offers highlights from our Database on Antisemitism and Racism, reviews of recent books and articles published on those subjects, links to field reports and to interviews with researchers. It finally includes a list of related conferences and workshops scheduled for the near future, as well as details of recent news and events from the Kantor Center.

The public is cordially invited to read online or download the full edition of this bulletin, by pressing on this link.