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Excerpts of the following laws appear in the publication "Legislating for Equality, A Multinational Collection of Non-Discrimination Norms. Vol. I: Europe":

Human Rights Related Legislation

Law on Press Freedom of 1881, as Amended up to 2011.

Law on Private Combat Groups and Militias of 1936, as Amended up to 2009.

Law Combating all Racist, Anti-Semitic or Xenophobic Activities of 1990, as Amended up to 2004.

Law on the wearing of Signs or Garbs that Express Religious Affiliation in Public Primary, Secondary and Preparatory Schools, in Application of the Principle of Secularity of 2004.

Law Prohibiting the Concealment of the Face in Public Places of 2010, Consolidated Version of 2011.

Penal Code Provisions

Penal Code of 1791, as Amended up to 2011.

Non- Discrimination

Labour Code of 1972, as Amended up to 2008.

Equality Bodies/ Ombudsman

See above Section on Constitutional Provisions, Article 71-1 on the Defender of Rights.