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Excerpts of the following laws appear in the publication "Legislating for Equality, A Multinational Collection of Non-Discrimination Norms. Vol. II: Americas":

Human Rights Related Legislation


Evangelical Church Framework Act of 2010.

Anti-Human Trafficking Act of 2012.

Basic Education Act of 2012.

Penal Code Provisions

Criminal Code of 1983, as Amended up to 2008.


Non- Discrimination

Labour Code of 1959, as Amended up to 2008.

Electoral and Political Organizations Act of 2004.


Protection Of Minorities

Decree on the Creation of the Garinagu Cultural Center of Honduras of 2002.

Decree on Afro-Honduran Heritage Month of 2002.


Equality Bodies/ Ombudsman

Organic National Human Rights Commission Act of 1995.