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Hungarian Jobbik Official Makes Antisemitic Remarks and Doubts Holocaust

In an interview to the British weekly Jewish Chronicle on February 2, 2012, Marton Gyongyosi, deputy leader and foreign affairs spokesman for Hungary's far right, antisemitic Jobbik (Hungary's third largest party), doubted the Holocaust, claimed Jews were colonizing Hungary and branded Israel's treatment of the Palestinians "a Nazi system." Gyongyosi questioned whether 400,000 Jews were killed or deported from Hungary during World War II, stating that "it has become a fantastic business to jiggle around with the numbers."  Relating to a speech by Israeli president Shimon Peres in 2007, in which the latter highlighted the success of Israeli businessmen in Hungary and across the globe, Gyongyosi said that there was “a kind of expansionism in their ["the Jews'"] behavior.”

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