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Excerpts of the following laws appear in the publication "Legislating for Equality, A Multinational Collection of Non-Discrimination Norms. Vol. II: Americas":

Human Rights Related Legislation

Compensation to Victims of Human Rights Violations (during the Dictatorship of 1954 to 1989) Act of 1996, as Amended up to 2008.

Organic Public Prosecutions Service Act of 2000.

National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment or Punishment Act of 2011.


Penal Code Provisions

Criminal Code of 1997, as Amended up to 2012.


Non- Discrimination

Labour Code of 1993, as Amended up to 1995.

Act Establishing the Paraguay Electoral Code of 1996, as Amended up to 2011.

General Education Act of 1998, as Amended up to 2008.


Protection Of Minorities

Indigenous People and Communities Act of 2005.

Act Establishing the Medical Care Fund "MCF" for the Indigenous People of the Chaco of 2006.

Act Creating the Directorate of Indigenous School Education of 2007.

Indigenous Communities Credit Assistance Act of 2007.

Languages Act of 2010.


Equality Bodies/ Ombudsman

Organic Defender of the People (Ombudsman) Act of 1995.