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Archives: Perspectives

It’s Trivial: Why Comparing Corona-Curfews with the Nazi-Era Endangers Freedom

Hanna Luden

After the traumatic First World War ended, the international community took steps to ensure such atrocities would never happen again. Yet, little more than a decade passed before Hitler rose to power and brought humanity to its lowest point. The world failed to recognize the danger, with devastating consequences. ... Read More >>


An Ice Cream Story

Uriya Shavit

Last month, Yeshayahu Lichtenstein died, aged 93. He was survived by a wife, five children, seventeen grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. In a beautiful obituary, Haaretz described him as “the most optimistic man in Tel Aviv.” Few people encapsulated the drama of Jewish existence in our times as he did.... Read More >>


The Demons of Science Fiction

Inna Stakser

Science fiction is a wonderful genre. I am a big fan of books describing possible futures for humanity. The best science fiction, such as works by Ursula Le Guin and Kim Stanley Robinson, address futures as developing out of combinations of human decisions on the one hand and resource scarcity and technological advances on the other.... Read More >>


Jews and Roots

Uriya Shavit

Ask any sports fan: a football match is worth watching only if you root for one of the teams. Whether it is the World Cup, the Malaysian third division, or kids playing in the backyard, you cannot avoid picking your favorite based on one made-up reason or another... Read More >>


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