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Excerpts of the following laws appear in the publication "Legislating for Equality, A Multinational Collection of Non-Discrimination Norms. Vol. I: Europe":

Human Rights Related Legislation

Law on the Establishment of Radio and Television Enterprises and their Broadcasts of 1994, as Amended up to 2005.

Civil Code of 2001, as Amended up to 2003.

Law on Political Parties of 2001.

Labour Act of Turkey of 2003.

Regulation if Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publication of 2007 ( The "Internet Law").

Penal Code Provisions

Criminal Code of 2004, as Amended up to 2008.

Protection of Minorities

Regulation on the Teaching of the Different Languages and Dialects Traditionally Used by Turkish Citizens in their Daily Lives of 2003.

Equality Bodies/ Ombudsman

Article 74 of the Constitution.