Adv. Arie Zuckerman

The Kantor Center has become, over the years, a source of light in the darkness of global antisemitism. It is a research center to which leaders, international organizations, and others turn to obtain a deep understanding of this ancient but still very much alive and growing phenomenon, which accompanies the journey of human history as a black flag.

The Center holds a mirror up to each country regarding the state of antisemitism within it. Its scholars analyze the current state of antisemitism and examine the steps taken by different leaders and organizations to combat its manifestations and the effectiveness of these measures so that a best practice model can be adopted.

Alongside researching the threats to European Jewry, the Center also shines a light on contemporary Jewish life in Europe. It highlights the communities that have rebuilt themselves from the ashes of the Holocaust and have once again become central contributors to their nations in all walks of life.

All this could not be achieved without the devotion and dedication of the Center’s professional staff over the years.